MacGyver is openly known as the greatest herd-sire in North America and has produced more champions than any herd-sire in history, winning Herdsire of the Year an unparalleled seven times.

The Sierra Bonita Difference

Nestled in the tops of the mountains, Sierra Bonita stands as a light to the alpaca world. The ranch, owned and operated by James and Leslie Loveless has, in many ways, revolutionized the alpaca industry. Instead of focusing on producing large numbers of animals, James and Leslie worked to produce the highest quality animals in North America.

Mapleton sits about as hour south of Salt Lake City at an elevation of about 5,000 feet above sea level; just at the base of Maple Mountain. Maple Mountain is a beautiful and picturesque mountain that was originally called Sierra Bonita, thus inspiring the ranch name. Utah, called so after the Ute Indians, is a wonderful place to live. Utah has four dramatic seasons and an ever-changing landscape. From the beautiful mountains and thick green forests in the north, to the hauntingly beautiful red rock canyons.

Meet the Loveless'

Leslie Loveless is at the heart of the operation and is a loving mother and grandmother. She is known in the alpaca world for her keen eye for quality and great knowledge of the industry. Her excitement for everything alpaca rubs off on anyone who talks with her and she loves to help new ranches get started.

The Loveless’ try not to take themselves too seriously, they spend their time together as a family and enjoy playing at the cabin, fishing, camping, 4-wheeling, or just catching a good movie. Family is at the center of what makes the Loveless family work, and the alpaca ranch thrive.